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An Introduction

Varun Polymers is the premier rubber recycling/reclaimation company serving rubber industry since from 1988 in various products and services. We are manufacturer of premium quality Rubber Reclaiming Agents such as: DTDS, DXDS, TMBDS, DPTMS, Rectifier - 500, HT 500 or High Tensile 500. Our Rubber Reclaiming Agent gives outstanding results in terms of tensile, elongation and modulus and is been chosen by numerous Reclaim Rubber Manufacturing units globally. In routine, We test our samples in our lab for the quality standards. On the other side, Varun Polymers as a rubber consultant has established many Rubber Recycling Plant. We provide rubber consultancy services for the setup of rubber recycling plant of any capacity and of any rubber product. Our expertise is in natural rubber, butyl rubber, epdm, synthetic rubber reclaimation, reclaim rubber and rubber recycling/reclaimation plant set up end-to-end including Infrastructure, Technology, Education, Promotion of Product in the Market, After Sales Assistance and Timely Synchronization of the whole setup. We also upgrade the old plant and considerably increase the existing capacity up to maximum achievable level.

We here at, Varun Polymers work for the quality of our product and satisfaction of the customer and been doing it successfully for more than 20 years. We have this pledge to make future brighter and beautiful as ever for the generation to come.

Reclaim Your Life!

Varun Polymers work parallelly with REACH Compliance and RoHS Directive to support wellness of Health & Environment. Take Stand, Be Responsible and Do Your Bit...

Our Products

Varun Polymers provides a wide range of products and consulting services to clients and customers around the world, both private entities and public agencies.

Our Partners

Working in team is the right path for the achievement of the goals and targets we set for any mission or business model. Varun Polymers stand for the same business perspective to work with you.

From the desk of Mr. B S Nohar, Managing Director

"As a manufacturer, this is our responsibility to give your product an edge. We have tried & tested the methods, which can add up substantial improvement in the production and derived great profit while keeping environment clean. As a rubber consultant, we strictly follow the guidelines drafted in the given economic boundries and come up with result oriented approach."

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