Varun Polymers:Rubber Consultants, Rubber Reclaiming Agent
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About Us

Company Profile

The foundations of Varun Polymers were laid in 1988. Since 1988, Varun Polymers has been at the forefront of the constantly evolving rubber recycling industry. We have developed long-standing relationships with our suppliers and pride ourselves on the service we provide. The manufacturing unit is supported by a strong process development capability and well equipped laboratories on the same site. Varun Polymers is single owned company and owned by Mr. B.S. Nohar who is the Managing Director, founder, Lead Rubber Technologist and strategist.Read more...

Founder’s Profile

Mr. B.S. Nohar is the Managing Director, founder, Lead Rubber Technologist and strategist behind Varun Polymers. Most of the cutting edge products and unique business concepts & services developed by Varun Polymers are his brainchild. Under his visionary leadership, Varun Polymers has experienced tremendous growth since its establishment in 1988. Over the past decade, Varun Polymers has become one of the premier Rubber Recycling Company and has become most recognized and well established brand name. Read more...

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