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DTDS: Devulcanizing Agent

DTDS is used in low pressure methods like Devulcanizer methods & Rotary Autoclave method and getting pressure only up to 200PSI to 300PSI and temperature up to 180 Degree Celsius to 210 Degree Celsius. The Results with this rubber reclaiming agent is very good. Varun Polymers has successfully segregated the higher fraction of more concentrated disulphide offered as DTDS useable as Reclaiming agent at about 0.5% to 0.7% depending upon the quality of scrap-processing conditions and oils used.


DTDS is used as a catalyst in the process of making reclaim rubber. Any kind of rubber (vulcanized rubber scrap) whether synthetic rubber or natural rubber can be reclaimed (de-vulcanized) by the using this rubber reclaiming agent.


DTDS makes the process of de-vulcanization of rubber faster that too at a lower temperature & therefore reduces power consumption of rubber reclaiming plant, saves process timing, rubber can be reclaimed or de-vulcanized at a lower temperature, improve the efficiency of plant, saves the intake of fuel, improves the quality of resulting reclaim rubber and risk of hardening is reduced.

Units Available: 1 MS Drum=200Kgs