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HT 500: Devulcanizing Agent

HT 500: HT 500 or High Tensile 500 came into existence when our customers start asking about the high tensile reclaim rubber as their end products. And at the same time High Tensile Reclaim Rubber is required by their overseas counterparts as per the need for their finished goods. So, we put our R & D people on this task to focus on the tensile factor and as a result we can give your reclaim rubber a tensile of 75+ Kg/cm2 or more. The sulfur content is 3.6%. This is also a very clean reclaiming agent which does not require any sort of processing aid such as pine tar, processing oil etc. The dosage would be 4.28%. The temperature required would be 210C and working pressure would be 350PSI.

Units Available: 1 MS Drum=215Kgs