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Our Partners

Entyre NZ, New Zealand

Varun Polymers is supporting the Entyre New Zealand Ltd project in partnership with Mr. Reiner Wenzel Entyre Managing Director and Mr. Hubert Kernbichler Entyre Technical Operations Manager. It is our common goal with Entyre to recycle the piles of used tires around New Zealand. This has motivated us to work together to resolve this problem. Entyre NZ is a shining example of responsible tyre recycling in an eco-friendly way. The Entyre NZ Otaki plant will be in operation by January 2014. Varun Polymers will be providing chemical & technical assistance during commissioning, and research of rubber master batch formulation to enable Entyre to develop itself a range of new rubber products to be manufactured in New Zealand for local and global markets. Entyre NZ is highly anticipated project which will not only benefit people of New Zealand in terms of providing the solution for their end of life tires but will also provide employment. This exciting and unique project is based on the rubber recycling technology pioneered by Mr. Nohar and Mr. Wenzel and brought up to a high, new level in devulcanization using advanced technology. Mr. Nohar brings his unique knowledge, skills and experience to the Entyre project and is confident of its success.
Link Anlagenbau GmbH

Link Anlagenbau GmbH is known to the industry as designers and manufactures of state of the art tire recycling machines and complete systems which are able to produce the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly recycled materials for reuse. Link AG has its offices in Germany and Austria and covers the globe for its operations. Link AG has advanced manufacturing unit all with skilled and experienced team of experts in the recycling industry. Link AG holds the patent for their technical innovations in the field of rubber machineries.

Link AG is our global partner and work with us to provide most economic solution for the rubber recycling plant globally.
KEC Solution e.U., Austria

KEC Solution e.U., Austria is a group of highly qualified engineers and managers whose primary objective is to provide end to end solution for the project implementation by scaling the scope and visualizing the three dimensional assessment. The technical backgrounds and the skills of the individuals at KEC Solution e.U. allow engagements in different fields of activities. The vast experience in many sectors, industries and commodities has made KEC Solution e.U. more desirable, professional and goal centric.

Varun Polymers is proud to announce that KEC Solution e.U. is our global partner and is responsible for commissioning the projects of reclaim rubber on the basis of rubber recycling technology of Varun Polymers. Varun Polymers and KEC Solution e.U. are bound to serve and cater our clients by putting up our sincere hard work with dedication.