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An idea which had the potential to change the course of future has been initiated by the people who have seen and done things which matters to make this idea alive and exist in real is what Entyre NZ is all about. The walk to the journey of Entyre NZ has been lead by its four pillars specifically Mr. B. S. Nohar, Mr. Reiner Wenzel, Mr. Hubert Kernbichler and Mr. Ravinder Saroha. This strong team of professionals in different fields came together to work for a common goal of recycling tyres and continuously heading towards the target of bringing the idea into life with zeal and zest.
Mr B. S. Nohar

Mr B. S. Nohar is the founder, managing director and leading technologist behind Varun Polymers. He is among the world’s most reputable names in the rubber recycling industry. Mr Nohar is an internationally renowned industrial chemist, consultant and innovator who has pioneered cutting edge technologies at Varun Polymers. His leadership has seen Varun Polymers grow from a small start-up business to one of the world’s leading organizations in the rubber recycling industry.

As an established consultant, Mr Nohar has helped the world become greener place by helping entrepreneurs build numerous rubber reclaim plants across the globe. Mr Nohar’s comprehensive experience in tyre, tube and rubber reclaiming has brought about vastly improved manufacturing processes of rubber moulded goods such as; V-belts, Butyl Rubber, EPDM, White (Latex) Rubber and Natural Rubber.

Mr Nohar is one of our key partners and a leading rubber consultant in the developing of sustainable rubber recycling technology at Entyre New Zealand. Mr Nohar is highly confident about the success of the Entyre project, he believes that Entyre has the knowledge, skills and expertise to be the at the forefront of the rubber recycling industry.
Reiner Wenzel

Reiner has extensive experience in De-vulcanisation starting in 1989. He started to design and build LINK tyre recycling machinery and invented concepts to reuse 100% of discarded tyres. He then went on to manufacture floormatting and playground components. Since 1992 Reiner has pioneered Devulcanisation technologies. Our technology is the sustainable solution we have discovred yet. At the same time he developed a state of the art Pyrolysis technology.

Living in Europe Reiner set up LINK AG in Switzerland. . From there he further concentrated on De-vulcanisation technologies and fields of devulcanised rubber application. He also set up and operated BUAV (Bundesverband Umweltgerechteter Altreifen Verwertung) in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain (a non profit organisation) against use of TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel) and setting up our own Tyre processing Plant in Frankfurt Germany.

Our first plant is located in The Clean Park Technology Park, on the Kapiti Coast. The Entyre NZ team also offer a mobile, environmentally friendly tyre disposal solution. We do this by going to businesses with our portable trailer operated cutter, where tyres are cut at collection. This saves the business the hassle of arranging transport and reduces the overall cost.
Hubert Kernbichler

Hubert has over 20 years’ experience in chemical and power plant design & turnkey erection. Hubert is the man behind the basic & detail plant design, PID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), as well as electrical and control systems for the unique devulcanization technology. His reputation in plant planning and management will be one of the major part for the success of Entyre’s vision and will keep New Zealand more green and environmental safe.

Hubert is also the managing director of LINK Anlagenbau GmbH based in Austria, where well skilled engineers are focused on electrical plant design, project management and development of recycling systems for worldwide export markets. Many years of proven LINK recycling technology and many executed projects gave the company a very good reputation.
Ravinder Saroha

Ravinder is one of our partners in this trailblazing Entyre New Zealand project. Ravinder’s role is pivotal in handling communications between partners whilst providing all the technical /non-technical inputs for the project development. Ravinder has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the field of information technology.

In his tenure of seven years, Ravinder has proven his expertise in multiple levels of the company spanning from market research to direct (digital) marketing, web analytics and database management. During the past year, Ravinder has been instrumental in promoting the business in emerging rubber recycling markets. Ravinder is motivated, poised, focused and technology driven and aspiring to become the young face of the sustainable rubber recycling industry.