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Nowadays, there is one problem which is giving headache to the many part of the world particularly Europe and Middle East. In fact, this problem lies everywhere but has been handled to a great extent. The problem is pile of used truck & car tires. The reason why it’s been a problem in Europe and Middle East is because there is more use of radial tires. The radial tires are much difficult to recycle and hence been neglected. At the other end, a Bias Ply tire uses less steel wire and can be recycled easily due to high proportion of rubber used in it.

Varun Polymers gives you edge over this limitation of recycling radial tires. Our expertise on this subject will give following recoverable valuable materials. They are:

a. Fuel Oil: Fuel Oil can be used as alternative fuel for Industrial use.
b. Carbon Black: Carbon Black can be used in Rubber and steel Industries.
c. Steel Wire: steel Wires can be used forScarp Industries.

*Out of 100% of material induced in the process will give 50% of Fuel Oil, 25% Carbon Black and 25% Scrap Wire.

Rubber Reclaiming Agent

We are manufacturer of rubber reclaiming agent which are continuously used in Reclaim Rubber Industries as per their unique and different types of manufacturing process & methods. We advice to our clients about the uses of these rubber reclaiming agent in their Rubber Reclamation plants according to their adopted methods and circumstances under which they are working.

DTDS : Devulcanizing Agent

DTDS is used in low pressure methods like Devulcanizer methods & Rotary Autoclave method and getting pressure only up to 200PSI to 300PSI and temperature up to 180 Degree Celsius to 210 Degree Celsius. The Results with this chemical is very good. Read more...

DXDS – Di Xylene Di Sulphide:

Di Xylene Di Sulphide or DXDS also know as Rubber Reclaiming Agent is used in high pressure method where the steam pressure goes up to 600PSI and temperature up to 250 Degree Celsius to 280 Degree Celsius and in this process underground Autoclave(fixed) is used. Read more...

TMBDS – Try Methyl Benzene Di Sulphide:

Try Methyl Benzene Di Sulphide also called as Tri Methyl Benzene Di Sulphide(another type of Rubber Reclaiming Agent) is very good Devocalizing Agent for the medium and direct heating process like Thermo Pec System and Microwave Systems or Infra red Systems etc., where only the temperature play an important roles of cracking media and steam pressure creates a homogeneity inside the rotary autoclave with the rubber molecules, addition of water creates the steam pressure and then temperature inside the rotary autoclave system. So, TMBDS play an important role in minimizing the pollution in these types of processes. Read more...

DPTMS – D.P.T. Mono Sulphide (Odorless):

DPTMS or D.P.T. Mono Sulphide (Odorless) (also another type of Rubber Reclaiming Agent) is used in medium pressure, Rotary Autoclave systems, kneeder systems, benbury sustems and inter mixer systems. It gives very good results in all the processes and reduces the pollution problems also up to the lowest level, where the systems pressure stands up to 350 PSI and temperature from 210 Degree Celsius and 220 Degree Celsius, which is quite suitable for the Reclamation processes. Read more...