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Rectifier- 500 : Devulcanizing Agent

Rectifier - 500: The Sulfur content is 6%. Rectifier -500 do not require any processing aid at all. Rectifier - 500 will be used at a maintained temperature of 220C. The dosage of Rectifier - 500 will be 2.5%. The pressure would be 350PSI.


This is the most cleanest of all the devulcanizing agents available in the market. Rectifier - 500 do not require any processing aid such as pine tar, processing oil etc. The overheads are reduced and the production is increased. Hence, the substantial increase in the profit will give you more confidence. For your information, we are the only rubber chemical company manufacturing such a product. We have developed Rectifier - 500 with our R&D initiatives at our labs.

Units Available: 1 MS Drum=210Kgs